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Applying for Membership

Application Process:

  1. Download the appropriate form and fill in all the required details, ticking the membership category you are applying for.
  2. A proposer’s signature is required on the form along with a letter of recommendation by the proposer*
  3. A seconders signature and letter of recommendation are also required*
  4. Submit the filled in application along with the recommendation letter of the proposer and seconder and your own letter of application:

By Post: Sean Finnegan, General Manager, Foxrock Golf Club, Torquay Road, Dublin 18
By Email:

*Proposer and Seconder Rules:

  • Only Full members of the Club for at least five years are eligible to propose or second an application. A limit per member of two applications per year is allowed.
  • Before an application can be lodged, applicants must have played a round of golf and dined in the Clubhouse with their Proposer (and preferably their seconder also), on at least one occasion. This is considered a fundamental and minimum requirement.

The Application process:

  • Upon receipt of the application and accompanying letter, the form is validated to insure it is filled in within the current guidelines.
  • After validation, each application is evaluated by a fair and impartial scoring system by the appropriate club committee – the Ladies' committee for female applications and the Men’s committee for male applications.
  • The 16 members of Council, by means of a secret ballot, then vote on who gets elected for ‘posting’.
    Note: ‘Election to posting’ means that the applicants name and address and the category they are applying for, is ‘posted’ on the main notice board of the Club for a month, to allow the general membership to further endorse or object to the application.
  • Once no written objection is received by the General Manager, Council will consider the applications who were elected for posting at the following Council meeting. These members will then be considered for membership election. Voting is also done by secret ballot.
  • Once elected, you will then be written to and advised of your successful application and the administration of your membership will then commence, allowing you access to the course and facilities as per the category you have joined.
  • Applications will be considered by the Council on a quarterly basis ( i.e every 3 months) until all vacancies are filled. As the Club’s subscription year commences on 1st October, the subscription element of your invoice will be on a pro rata basis from the month of your election to the following 30th September.

Entrance Fee Rates:
Once off Entrance Fees apply to all levels of membership. New rates, effective from Jan 1st 2017, are listed as follows:

Clubhouse Membership €500
Weekday Membership €7,500
Full Membership €12,000
Family Discounts To strengthen the ethos of Foxrock Golf Club being a family club, a further 20% discount to the new Full and Weekday entrance fee is available to any Immediate family member of a current Full member.

Subscription Rates:
The Social Levy is a prepayment of credit that goes on your membership card for spending the bar and restaurant. Any unused amount of this credit will be lost on the 30th September of each year. (Note: Upgrading from lower categories to higher categories, the relevant entrance fee applies LESS what entrance fee has already been paid. i.e. A Clubhouse member who upgrades to Weekday, pays €7,000 of an Entrance fee and if they upgrade again to Full, only pays €4,500)

For any applicant interested in joining who is not in a position to obtain a proposer or seconder, please contact Sean Finnegan, the General Manager to arrange for an introduction.

General Assistance

For any applicant interested in joining who is not in a position to obtain a proposer or seconder, please contact Sean Finnegan, the General Manager to arrange for an introduction.

For any other assistance, please contact the following:

For golf related matters:
David Walker
Club Professional
01 2065135