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Membership at Foxrock

We are now accepting applications for the forthcoming golfing season. As one of Dublin’s exclusive private golf clubs, this membership opportunity is open only to a limited number of vacancies and applications will close when all vacancies are filled. The vacancies available in the playing categories are as follows:

  1. Weekday Male
  2. Weekday Lady
  3. Full Male
  4. Full Lady

Junior categories are only available to the children of members who have been Full Members for at least 2 years. Others may be admitted under special circumstances. 

The Special “Summer Scheme” programme is running again this year for juvenile players aged 10-18 from April – September who do not have a parent as a member. Cost is €100 for the program, Membership is  now full for this year. 

Type of Membership

Clubhouse membership is a non-golf playing category and entitles you to full access of the Clubhouse seven days a week for dinning and social activities. Clubhouse members wishing to play golf may do so only on Monday, Thursday and Friday outside of competition times subject to course availability and payment of the appropriate green fee. All bookings must be made through the Pro Shop. There is an active bridge club and snooker club that Clubhouse members are entitled to join. 

Weekday membership is the same as Clubhouse, but is a golf playing category and entitles you to full playing rights of the golf course Monday through Friday as part of your annual subscription. You have online access to the timesheets and are entitled to enter all applicable competitions throughout the week and have full access to all the practice facilities, including the newly opened short game area. 

Full membership provides full access to the golf course and all its facilities Monday – Sunday. Only full members have a vote in the business affairs of the Club and are co-owners of the Club’s land and assets. 

The highest entry level for new members to join is Weekday. Only Clubhouse or Weekday Members are eligible to apply for Full membership. For Ladies or Gentlemen wishing to join as Full members, you must apply for Clubhouse or Weekday first and once elected, may apply for an upgrade to Full.

Foxrock Golf Club

General Assistance

For any applicant interested in joining who is not in a position to obtain a proposer or seconder, please contact Sean Finnegan, the General Manager to arrange for an introduction.

For any other assistance, please contact the following:

For golf related matters:
David Walker
Club Professional
01 2065135