Course closed in line with Government Level 5 restrictions

Application Process:

Applications are reviewed on an Quarterly  basis by the Council.

1.      Applications will no longer need to be resubmitted annually. The club will revert to the previous practice whereby a valid application, at the time of submission, remains on file and valid until successful or withdrawn.

2.      Where a proposer/seconder changes category or subsequently becomes a member of council/golf committee, the application remains valid but the sponsor, in the latter case, does not vote in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

3.      All Membership Applications received by the Club, will be posted to the noticeboard for a minimum of 14 days in the month prior to the Committee and Council Meetings that will deal with elections.

  • Download the appropriate form and fill in ALL the required details, ticking the membership category you are applying for.
  • A proposer’s & seconders signature is required on the form along with a letter of recommendation by each*
  • Submit the filled in application along with the recommendation letter of the proposer and seconder and your own letter of application:

By Post: Jim Quinn, General Manager, Foxrock Golf Club, Torquay Road, Dublin 18

By Email:


*Proposer and Seconder Rules:

Only Full members of the Club of at least five years' standing may propose or second not more than two applicants, in aggregate per membership year for the full or weekday categories, except that they may in addition, propose or second one Intermediate applicant seeking to move to Full or Weekday membership. 
Before an application can be lodged, applicants must have played a round of golf and dined in the Clubhouse with their Proposer (and preferably their seconder also), on at least one occasion. This is considered a fundamental and minimum requirement.



Subscription Rates:

See attached current Annual Subscription rates for 2024.

The Social Levy is a prepayment of credit that goes on your membership card for spending the bar and restaurant. Any unused amount of this credit will be lost on the 30th September of each year.